Welcome to Divine K-9
....the heavenly place for dogs!

Our goal is to offer a safe, knowledgeable and fun place to go with your dog and to offer superior products and services for your dog. Our trainers, groomers and pet sitters all have many years of experience and are here for you!

There's always something going on at Divine K-9!

Special Events


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Call 410-420-6901 to make an appointment.


Help Us Purchase Oxygen Masks for
Animals for Harford County Firehouses
Save their lives in a fire

Class is now in session!!

Our flexible training program is now in session. Flexible training allows your dog to learn and progress at his and your own pace! Let us work a customized program for your dog.

Full Service Grooming Now Available

Divine K-9 welcomes Monica Postma, our full service groomer! Monica has over 25 years experience grooming all breeds of dogs in the show and pet world. Whether you have a princess that loves to be pampered or a grumpy gus, Monica does them all.


by Jane Rainier is now being offered on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month between 1-7PM. Call now to book your appointment!


Want a dog but not sure what breed is right for you? Divine K-9 will come to your home to help you decide what dog is right for you and your lifestyle. Call for a consultation now!


Divine K-9 now offers Fromm foods for your dog and has a growing selection of toys and treats, all selected for the discriminating dog owner who cares about the health and happiness of their dog. We are also bleeding purple with Ravens bandanas and collars for your dog to show his team spirit!

Divine K-9 offers:

  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Self Serve Dog Wash
  • Pet Sitting
  • Healing Touch
  • Foods, Treats, Toys & Supplies
  • Fun and Educational Events!
  • and lots more!!

Divine K-9 wants to help you save money too! Look for specials on our mailing list and Facebook to earn Divine Dollars!




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